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  • Looking for ideas that work in the classroom?
  • Need a bigger toolbox filled with more effective teaching strategies?
  • Desperate to engage even your most “resistant” students?

If you want to sharpen your skills and make a real impact on your students, you've come to the right place! You need TOOLS to help ALL your students reach the high standards they must achieve under the No Child Left Behind Act -- and Prolinguistica can give you those tools.

Teach for Comprehension

We've all said it, and heard it throughout our careers in education. We have to "cover" this many chapters this year, "hit" all these essential learnings... When push comes to shove, we have to drag our kids through somebody's curriculum on a timetable, whether they all "get it" or not. And what keeps us up nights, are the nagging questions:
  • How many are really getting it?
  • Are they leaving my class with learning that's a mile wide, but only an inch deep?
  • Is what I'm doing really getting through to ALL my kids? Even the English language learners?
For over 10 years, Prolinguistica (formerly CBTT) has been providing language teaching professionals with the latest, most effective language instruction tools.  We are on the forefront of what we call "comprehension-based teaching techniques". Our many seminars have provided language teachers at all levels with the know-how to motivate students of all ages to learn more than they thought possible.

Our mission is to provide opportunities for educational professionals to learn to use the most effective teaching techniques around. Our focus is on language – the language of instruction, whether you teach English as a Second Language, Foreign Language, or English language learners in a grade level classroom.  And on teaching for comprehension – because there is no real learning without understanding.

On Site Staff Development

Prolinguistica offers staff development on your site in:
  • Grade level sheltered content instruction
  • ESL Strategies for grade or subject matter teachers
  • Total Physical Response for foreign language and ESL instruction
  • Incorporating the multiple intelligences into instruction
  • Accessing your students' cultural background to enhance learning
  • Total Quality Learning strategies to motivate students to take responsibility for learning


  • A Second Language Classroom that Works! -- How to set up and run a TPR-based language classroom.
  • The Talking T-Shirt And Other Writing Projects -- Differentiated projects for language classes, complete instructions and assessment system.
  • What Can I Leave for My Sub? -- Comprehension-based lesson plans for language classes any substitute can manage with no specialized training.
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