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A Second Language Classroom that Works!
Joan Christopherson Christopherson

Joan Christopherson, retired French teacher, and TPR consultant, has produced a wonderful guide to creating a comprehension-based language program that really works, not just for the top students, but for everyone. This book is a template for a TPR program, FULL of great information and powerful teaching strategies. available from Prolinguistica. Order via email here.


Total Physical Fun
JoAnn Olliphant

More than 100 games and activities designed for and field tested with all ages and levels from preschoolers to adults. Entertaining and effective ways to support your specific teaching goals, with step by step procedures for animating play. Grouped by lnaguage skill level, with suggestions in each for fine tuning. Available from Samarsh Publishing for $24.95 plus shipping/sales tax. Contact to order.


Teaching English Through Action
Berty Segal Cook

Also available for teaching Spanish, French, German, Russian and Japanese. Each of these is a comprehensive guide with 102 lesson plans implementing the TPR approach to teaching language. An excellent tool for teaching beginning and intermediate ESL or any foreign language, to students of any age. Ten thematic units with essential vocabulary needed for survival and success in the target language. Now available from Prolinguistica! $21.99 (Japanese version is significantly longer and costs $26.99) Student books also available for English, French, Spanish and German at $16.99. (Shipping charges/sales tax based on number of books ordered.) Order via email here.

The Talking T-Shirt and Other Writing Projects
Laura Zink de Diaz

Lots of projects, big and small, for foreign language and ESL students. Give your students opportunities to synthesize their learning, bring all their skills to bear and show you what they can really do! Projects are a great way to allow for individual differences in learning, while giving all students the chance to shine! Each project includes clear, step by step instructions for teachers and students, and detailed scoring guides that minimize your work, while maximizing student learning and responsibility for quality. $16.95 plus shipping/sales tax. Email to order.

What Can I Leave for My Sub?
Laura Zink de Diaz

The last thing you want to do when you're sick is come up with a stellar lesson plan. Here's the solution: ready made language activities that don't even require a substitute who speaks the language! Just fill in a few blanks, select some vocabulary, and send it in to the substitute. Designed for any language, each book comes with a dual platform CD-Rom, so if you're away from a photocopier when the flu strikes, you can print the assignment sheets and instructions even at home. $16.95 (book and CD-Rom) or $10.95 (CD-Rom only) plus shipping/sales tax. Email to order.


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Simply send us an(email) requesting the items you want. We will calculate the cost for you, including tax and shipping/handling and email you an invoice. At this time we don't take credit cards, but we will gladly accept your personal check, or a purchase order from your educational institution.

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